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Landlords - Do you know the new laws yet?

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If you own rental properties, and don’t have them professionally managed, you should be by now all up-to-speed with the new RTA (Residential Tenancy Act) changes. Our last landlord event was fully booked out, we will be running another event on Thursday 25 February in the brand new Collective Community Hub.

The new changes will affect a broad range of tenant / landlord rights and obligatio

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LIM Report? Why do we need one?

LIM reports contain all information the council has relating to the property. This includes things like… where the sewers run, was there landslips/erosion, has it been registered as a leaky home, outstanding / completed consents, list goes on! How ever the most important reason can be a lot less obvious...
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Getting a builder report pre-market!

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When considering selling, getting a builder report in most cases is almost essential. Unless the house is very new / brand new, then there are circumstances there (depending on the property) where a report would put you in a much better selling position...
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5 First Impression Tips!

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A poorly presented home is a massive value killer. Ensuring your house is well presented and looking its very best, is a great way to make your home feel like a million dollars! Here are a few areas would impress your family/guests… and potential buyers if you are selling.
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4 tips when painting!

Buyers liked to know that the current owners have looked after the place. It gives them a sense of security and confidence in the property. Without a doubt, your interior and exterior walls / ceilings need to be kept in good condition. that does mean keeping it well maintained. Here are a few areas you should definitely consider when thinking about your property:
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