Blog - November 2016

LIM Report? Why do we need one?

LIM reports contain all information the council has relating to the property. This includes things likeā€¦ where the sewers run, was there landslips/erosion, has it been registered as a leaky home, outstanding / completed consents, list goes on! How ever the most important reason can be a lot less obvious...
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The Most Profitable Way!

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Sure, you can watch the market like a hawk and work out exactly when to buy and sell... but you will always be at the mercy of the market... here's one of the most profitable ways I've seen in my career!
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Learning from Investors - Rental Yield!

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Successful property investors are known for their finesse around choosing the right properties to buy and sell - with ever decision made with the view of growing their wealth. Rental yield is a key component to their decision making process.
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