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William YIP is available for workshops, mentoring, speaking arrangements, seminars for large events to small offices / individuals. Motivate your team and tap into the philosophies and strategies that has allowed William to rise to #1 in Wellington in the largest Real Estate Sales Company in New Zealand, in just over a year. Philosophies which everyone can apply to their own business (not just in sales) and create a business of attraction.

William YIP has been recognised as a Superstar of Wellington Real Esate, starting from the bottom (not knowing anyone in Wellington), his innovations and strategy have been industry leading and have raised the bar of the quality and service in marketplace. Other agents have simply been forced to lift their game to keep up, which he thinks is a wonderful thing for an industry that has never had a fantastic reputation.

We want to revolutionise the Real Estate industry, one student at a time!

2017 Touring Workshops / Talks

  • 0 to #1 in 2 years - How to create a industry leading service business
  • Customer Service - The philosophy behind exceptional service
  • Bridging the gap - How to negotiate buyers up and NOT sellers down

William is also available for small group sessions with your selected team members and on-going mentoring programmes within a community of other like minded & keen industry professionals available also.

Get in touch and we can have a quick chat about how we can maximise your future!