Selling your house in Wellington the YIP way!

We are the Number #1 Real Estate Team in the Northern Suburbs! We are an award winning team of 7 with the resources and ability to deliver an exceptional experience. We achieved a 100% Success rate in 2015 and 2016 for those clients who followed our unique strategy. It is our business not to let our clients down!

We offer the most comprehensive range of services that ensures your house will fetch the highest possible price in the market place. Great thing... most of this is FREE!

We have been fortunate enough to have lots of happy clients all over Wellington. We've even picked up a whole raft of awards along the way. We have the resources and ability to deliver an exceptional real estate experience.

We believe in a no regrets approach, we believe in doing the best possible job in preparation, marketing, etc so that when we get an offer, we know we have not cut any corners in any of the process.

Choosing to work with a comprehensive team like us, is your insurance against underselling your house!

Get in touch and we can have a quick chat about how we can get you a Great YIP Result!